Anna Friedland took what was deep in my heart and brought it out into the light. The dream became a reality through her. I could not have imagined my idea flowing through Anna’s soul to be so perfect. Thank you Anna, for the priceless illustrations and beauty beyond words.
— Rick O.

Anna Friedland, the principal of Friedland Art + Design, is an artist, visual communicator, and educator living in Yosemite. She grew up in an artistic household with a sculptor mother and a theatre artist father and began drawing and painting from a very young age. She received her formal training at San Francisco State University, getting a B.A. in Art with an emphasis in drawing and painting.

As a way to contribute to her community, Friedland started doing design work professionally in 2010. A couple years later she began working for the Mariposa County Arts Council and for several years she taught art, coordinated art programs, and honed her skills as a visual communicator. In April 2017, Friedland became a full-time artist and designer. 

Friedland offers illustration, branding, and graphic design services. She has worked on a wide variety of projects - developing logos, websites, posters, advertisements, architectural illustrations, brochures, books + booklets, outdoor banners, large-scale photo murals, and gallery and retail displays. 

Friedland is closely connected to nature and is constantly inspired by its patterns, colors, and forms. She specializes in flora and fauna illustration, but she can draw almost anything realistically. Her drawing style is inherently tender and shows her high regard for her subjects. 

She believes:

  • That art is at the intersection of beauty and meaning.

  • In creating stunning, high-quality work that adds value to the world.

  • Good design clearly communicates a message.

You can follow her on Instagram: friedland_art_design

Work Experience

Mariposa County Arts Council

Education and Programs Coordinator - September 2014 - October 2016
Programs and Communication Manager - October 2016 - April 2017
Teaching Artist - July 2012 - April 2017

Teaching Experience

F/STOP Photography: The Artistic Fundamentals of Photography - October 2013 - November 2016
Artists in the Schools: An Introduction to Visual Communication (8 class series) - January - March 2015 + February - April 2016
JUMP StArts: Photography and Visual Communication (2 20+ week series) - September 2015 - January 2017
After School Art Classes: Mixed Media, Stop Motion (4 week series)


Transfers for Adults - May 2015 (4 class series), October 2016 (2 class series), November 2016 (2 class series)
Inkodye Workshop  - June 2015


JumpStArts: Building Visual Literacy Among Probation Youth at California: The State of Creativity Statewide Conference about the design, goals/intentions, curriculum and initial findings of the JUMP StArts program. - March 2016